4:18 PM

Dum Dum Da Dum...

1:56 PM

Barenaked Ladies - Who Needs Sleep? (Bathroom Sessions)

I need sleep, lol. One of my favourite BNL songs...

10:51 PM

Brandi Carlile - Turpentine

I just love this song... her whole album is fantastic.

12:57 PM

“I wish I would die.”

When the person you love more than anything else in the world utters these words, with tears streaming down his face in total despair and defeat, really meaning it, what do you do?

You try to tell him things will get better, hold him, be there for him, but what can you really do? I can’t make the healthcare system work any better. I can’t make his family stop being self-centered, inconsiderate, apathetic and completely unsupportive. I can’t make his psychiatrist step up and give him the care he needs. I can’t bring his mother back. I feel completely USELESS.

10:29 AM


I have a brutal case of viral bronchitis going on that just won’t quit. I was finally back to work yesterday, but Thursday thru Sunday, 80% of my time was spent in bed. I can’t remember the last time I felt this sick. I just want to curl up in a hole with my germs and never come back out…

Can someone please explain to me why bimbos with blonde hair who flaunt their cleavage get away with bloody murder? I am stuck working with 2 of these women and it absolutely disgusts me how they get to live their professional lives by an entirely different set of rules. They both continually make mistakes, take advantage of time off…yet there are never any consequences to their actions. And those of us who are actually competent get stuck picking up the slack for these idiots. Beyond frustrating…

We actually got a bit more warm weather this week, even if it was rainy. The weekend is supposed to bring some warmth AND sun, so that would be a nice change from all the cold and cloudiness.

1:19 PM

It's so nice to feel some warm (relatively speaking) breezes blowing today. The weather is supposed to be subzero tomorrow, so I'm soaking it up while I can. This winter has been so cold and dreary...I will be relieved when spring finally makes an appearance and I can ditch my winter coat.

The economic downturn is even more pronounced this month...we've only sold 25 cars, new & used combined. It's scary. I don't know how our sales consultants are staying afloat, living on commission alone. The financial situation here in Canada is slowly getting as bad as it is for our neighbours in the south...

11:14 AM

Patty Griffin - Heavenly Day

This is probably one of my favourite songs ever!

1:38 PM


Do you ever feel like you are drowning in the turmoil of your life? That's how I feel right now.

My job...a couple of months ago, my manager approached me regarding some restructuring he was proposing to the ownership here at the dealership. His plan was to eliminate the 2nd sales manager position and elevate me to Assistant Sales Manager, working directly under him. We had numerous conversations about the challenges of the job and areas I would have to work on to excel in the position...all of which I was totally gung-ho for. I was more than up for the challenge, as my current administrative position is getting limiting in regards to learning new skills. My manager had spoken to our owner about his plan and he seemed to think I could do the job with the necessary training and guidance.

So...when the restructuring plan was put before our newly minted general manager (son-in-law to the owner), he agreed with all of my manager's suggestions in the plan...except me. He did not think I was capable of managing the sales staff and working car deals and wants to move me to an even more monotonous administrative position. I felt like a ten ton boulder had been dropped on me. I'm disappointed, disillusioned, and pretty damn angry. Why even present this opportunity to me when the general manager isn't backing me? Why get my hopes up? Is it fun to make someone feel like they've been kicked in the gut and had all the wind taken out of them? And to pass me the drivel that this move to the other admin position is a positive one, and shows how much the company values me. Bullshit. If they valued me, they would have given me a shot at the assistant manager's position...given me an opportunity to prove myself.

So now I'm trying to figure out what the hell I should do. Do I stay with the company I've been with for 8 years and do I job I have no interest in doing? Or do I take the risk of moving elsewhere? I really don't know...

My personal life is another ocean of chaos that I'm trying to stay afloat on. Uncertainty is reigning supreme there as well, and it's taking a major toll on me.

I know we are all going through such tough times right now...my biggest hope is that the friends I love weather this storm and have sunnier days ahead :)

1:34 PM

Merry Christmas!

1:38 PM

Twilight Movie Soundtrack - Flightless Bird, American Mouth